Short Fiction / Creative Nonfiction / Flash

Imagining Love in Paris, Lowestoft Chronicle, Spring 2023

The Box, Stonecrop Magazine, Spring 2021

Have I Lost You, The Saturday Evening Post, April 23, 2021

“I Thought It Safe…” micro fiction in The Raven Review, April 2021

Una Terra del Miracoloso, Lowestoft Chronicle, March 2021 (Please note: the reference to “Our president embarrasses us” dates this story prior to January 20, 2021, although no year is mentioned in it.) Grateful to the Lowestoft Chronicle editor who nominated this story the the 2022 Best American Short Stories series.

Exploring Canyons, Dreamers Magazine, Issue 6, July 2020

The Road to Maggie’s Mountain, The Lindenwood Review, Issue 10, 2020 (released April 26)

Reading Your Future in Thrift Store Ephemera, read in Montana Mouthful, Romance Gone Bad February 2020